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Imagine an Attorney That Actually Returns Your Phone Calls

Many attorneys do not return phone calls. You end up spending more time speaking with their secretary than you do speaking with the attorney you are paying good money for. Furthermore, many estate planning firms only have a very limited number of estate planning document forms that they use for their clients' estate planning needs. If your needs do not fit those documents, you're out of luck. You may end up signing documents that do not meet your needs or intentions and this fact may not come to light until after you have died. Unlike many attorneys, the attorneys at the Kisner Law Firm will actually return your calls and draft documents that are flexible enough to meet your unique financial profile and your specific goals and needs.

You can rely on the Kisner Law Firm to create an estate plan that saves you substantial amounts of money, prevents unnecessary complications, eliminates probate expenses and minimizes or eliminates estate taxes. Contact the Kisner Law Firm today.